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This site has been created to promote David’s work and to keep everybody updated about his latest scripts and films.

David has written and directed several short films and his work has been awarded at different festivals in Europe, Asia and America. He has recently set up Recreate Productions, a London-based company specialising in the production of feature films.

You can have a look at some extracts of his work on this website. If you have any queries or are interested in reading more of his work, please, do not hesitate to contact us.



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  • 10/10/2016                             

    After five years of research, writing and a lot of rewriting, I have finished the novel 21 Days of Wrath. The book is about Zoe, a police woman who investigates a series of bizarre murders in a small Spanish town.


    As usual, I spent most of my holidays writing new scripts and short stories.


    Award-winning Italian actress Thony, has accepted to play the role of Lucia in Gli Ottomani (The Ottomans).


    I have written a new feature film script: The Flat. It’s a one-location psychological thriller that I hope to direct in the near future.


    Italian actor Beniamino Brogi has accepted the role of Sandro in the feature film Gli Ottomani (The Ottomans). I am still looking for the right actress.


    The feature film Citizen of the World will have to wait. The actress attached to it is pregnant and we have been forced to delay the production. News will be posted here soon.


    I’ve started writing a new feature film, The Flat. It’s a minimalist project: one location and three actors. I hope to direct it in the near future.


    A new award for my short film Homemade Food: Best Catalan Short at the Festival de Cinema Transfrontralier Estavar-Llívia (France)


    Happy New Year to everybody!


    We have done three more casting sessions in November for the feature film Citizen of the World. Shooting has been delayed to summer 2016 but the project is shaping up very well.


    Charles Morris Jr. a screenwriter from Los Angeles has joined me in the rewriting of Perfect Lives, an action thriller feature film.


    A new writing partnership coming from Italy. Vincenzo Di Pasquale is collaborating in the rewriting of my feature film script Gli Ottomani (The Ottomans).


    I've spent most of my holidays rewriting the book I've been working on for three years. I'm getting closer to the final draft.


    My short film Une deuxième chance (A Second Chance) has been selected at 5 festivals in France, Italy, Spain, Croatia and Colombia.


    My new short film Une deuxième chance (A Second Chance) has started the film festival circuit.


    I've been teaching shooting skills in different schools in the Perpignan area (South of France).


    We have finished shooting the first week of the documentary Les transbordeuses d'oranges.


    La Région du Languedoc-Roussillon (France) has agreed to provide finance for my documentary Les transbordeuses d'oranges. Shooting is scheduled for May and June 2015.


    The shooting for my new short film Une deuxième chance (A Second Chance) will be on 28/02 and 01/03 in Perpignan (France).


    Happy new year to everybody!


    My first feature film takes a step ahead. We are planning to shoot between July and August 2015.


    The Barcelona-based production company Dos Mentes has joined us in order to produce my long awaited first feature film Citizen of the World.


    I have been in Holland meeting people from the Levenseindekliniek as part of my research for a theatre play that I am working on.


    I spent holidays writing a book. A thriller about how a long stay in prison can turn a socially-integrated man into a dangerous serial killer.


    Another interesting project for CEMEA in Perpignan (France). I have written, produced and edited a commercial for L'école de la deuxième chance. The theme was "addiction".


    I have finished writing the third draft of the feature film script The Ottomans (I Ottomani) an Italian romantic story that takes place in a prison in Sicily.


    I have been at the Rencontre Professionnelle Transfrontalière that took place in Argelès Sur Mer, France. A perfect moment to meet up with TV3, France 3 and other representatives from different TV channels.


    Today is the International Book Day. A perfect day to announce that this summer I will write a novel. It will be a crime story set in a Spanish prison.


    The theatre project The Last Oath is shaping up. We will soon carry on a casting session in Barcelona. We look forward to premiere the play at the end of the year.


    I have been at the FIPA (Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels) in Biarritz, France, to introduce our documentary project The Transhippers of Oranges to worldwide TV channels.


    Happy New Year to all of you! I hope 2014 will be a year to remember with a big smile.


    I am again in Sicily to be the President of the Jury of the Cortiamo Film Festival.


    I am writing the first draft of the feature film script Where Giants Die, a romantic story set in Sicily about a young woman that plays in a orchestra and a man that is in prison. More news about this project will be posted here soon.


    I am in Sicily doing some research about my feature film project Where Giants Die.


    We are going to the San Sebastian Film Festival to introduce our documentary project The Transferers of Oranges to different European TV channels.


    Our documentary project The Transferers of Oranges has been selected for the Co-production Forum at the San Sebastian Film Festival that will take place in September.


    I have finished my first theatre play The Last Oath, set in a concentration camp during World War II.


    Another award for my short film Violet, the Courtesan! Best Foreign Short Film at the Kalat Nissa Film Festival of Italy. Congratulations to all the cast and crew!


    David is writing his first theatre play. The story happens in Poland during World War II. More news about this project will be posted here soon.


    Castro PC, a Spanish production company, has come on board to co-produce Citizen of the World.


    An important award for Violet, the Courtesan comes from Switzerland: the Audience Award at the Corto Helvetico al Femminile.


    Violet, the Courtesan has its première in Asia at the Script Film Festival of India.


    The first award of the year is for Violet, the Courtesan and comes from Italy: San Salvario Film Festival.




    We celebrate the end of the year with two more awards for my short film Violet, the Courtesan coming from Italy: Omovies Festival and Cortiamo Festival. Congratulations to all the crew and Merry Christmas to all of you!


    Citizen of the World, my long-awaited first feature film, is moving a step ahead. Magical, the public audiovisual institution settled in Lleida (Spain), will provide 15% of the total budget and will enter the project as co-producers.


    Violet, the Courtesan is providing more good news as awards keep coming. Best Short Film at the Movieclub Film Festival, Best Short Film at Metricamente Corto Festival, Best Actress (Estefania Rius) at the Festival Villanova in Corto and Honorific Jury Mention at the Nasicae Short Movie Festival.


    Violet, the Courtesan is, once more, awarded. Best Foreign Short at the Golfo dei Poeti Film Festival and Best Actress (Estefania Rius) at the Festival I Corti sul Lettino.


    Violet, the Courtesan has received six awards in just a month from film festivals in France, Italy and Spain.


    OUTSTANDING NEWS! Violet, the Courtesan has been premièred this weekend in three different festivals and... WE GOT THREE AWARDS! Juliet Berto Award at the Grenoble Film Festival (France), Best Short Film "Terres de Lleida" at the Cercacurts Film Festival (Spain) and Special Mention at the Camfemlav Film Festival (Italy). Congratulations to all the team!


    We were in Kosovo to assist to the screening of Homemade Food at the Shqip Film Festival. We got the Best Actor Award (Eduard Muntada)


    Two more awards for Homemade Food! Best Short Film at the Valsusa Filmfest and Best Short Film Section Slow Food at the Festival Corti da Sogni, both in Italy


    Violet, the Courtesan, David's last short film, starts in the film festival circuit!


    The Solofra Film Festival in Italy has given to Homemade Food the Best Actor award. Congratulations to Eduard for his outstanding performance in the film!


    David and his brother Antoni are writing together a new script. It’s a rural thriller based on true facts.


    Happy New Films to everybody!


    Homemade Food receives yet another award! Best Short Film in the Dialettando Section at the Cortolandria Short Film Festival in Italy


    Homemade Food has been awarded with public funding by the ICAA in Spain


    The première of Violeta, the Courtesan has been a success! The Cafè del Teatre in Lleida (Spain) was full of cinema-goers


    The première of Violeta, the Courtesan, my last short film, will be on 26/10/2011 at the Cafè del Teatre of Lleida, Spain


    Two more awards for Homemade Food! Best Short Film at two Italian festivals: the Villammare Film Festival and the Fluvione Corto Festival


    FIRST AWARD for Homemade Food! The Bovino Independent Short Film Festival, in Italy, has awarded Homemade Food with the Best Foreign Short Film prize


    David has just finished writing the first draft of Empty Lives, an action thriller feature film


    Homemade Food starts the long journey at the film festival circuit


    Cannes has been a rewarding experience. Lots of contacts and possibilities to develop exciting projects


    David will go to the Cannes Film Festival from 13th to 17th May.


    David and other three European filmmakers have been selected by the Festival delle Lettere in Milan (Italy) to make a short film about a letter written by actor Vittorio Gassman.


    The Londoner has been chosen by the European Babylon scheme to go to Cannes to secure some funding with potential investors.


    We already have a date for the premiere of Homemade Food, the short film that David shot in October last year: 25th May 2011 in Lleida, Spain.


    The shooting of The Gold from the West, the documentary about organic olive oil in Lleida (Spain) directed by David has ended. Editing starts…


    The script The Londoner, David’s feature film directional debut, has been selected among 14 international scripts to be part of the Babylon program organized by the European Union. This scheme will take place in Holland, during the Rotterdam Film Festival (1st to 4th February).


    David has gone to Noci, in the South of Italy, to be part as a member of the jury of the Serial Writer contest organized by the Noci Film Festival.




    David has finished writing two children’s books: The Old Olive Tree and The Girl Who Wanted to Touch the Sky.


    The shooting of short films Violet, the courtesan, and Homemade Food is over. The shooting has taken place in Lleida (Spain) over a period of five nights.


    David will start shooting his first documentary about organic olive oil during the Congress of the Spanish Association of Organic Agriculture that will take place from 6th to 9th October in Lleida, Spain.


    David is working with Spanish ilustrator Víctor Rivas in the making of his first children’s book.


    David is working on the pre-production of his two short films: Violet, the courtesan, and Homemade Food. He will shoot them back to back at the end of October.


    The Institut Municipal d’Acció Cultural from Lleida (Spain) has secured some funding to produce David’s short Homemade Food.


    Kayono Wakao, a Japanese producer, has started to work with David regarding Empty Lives, a thriller that David will start writing after the summer.


    David has got support from Doblebanda Producciones in Barcelona (Spain) to develop The Transferers of Oranges, a two-episode telemovie.


    Life and Pictures, a production company based in Barcelona (Spain) has shown an interest to produce The Londoner, David’s first feature film.


    Hélène Legrais, a French writer, is working in partnership with David on the adaptation of her book La transbordeuse d'oranges.


    In Bio Veritas is the first project of the year for David: a documentary about the organic wines in France, Italy and Spain.


    Once again, David goes to Alcamo, in Sicily, to be part of the jury of the Cortiamo Short Film Festival.


    David is going to the Media Forum in Barcelona (Spain) to get in touch with different producers interested in producing his first feature film.


    David is working on the research of Empty Lives, what will be his next feature film script.


    David is working with the crew of Recreate Productions on the contents of their new website (www.recreateproductions.com). It will be available very soon.


    David is developing several ideas for different TV channels.


    Lo Cercacurts Film Festival, has awarded David’s Save the World with the Best Short Film from Lleida Prize. This is the 60th award that his short film wins at the international film festival circuit.


    David is working alongside Raúl Ruiz Miquel, a Spanish screenwriter, on the development of Homemade Food, his new short film. Raúl developed the story a few years ago and David will direct it in the following months.


    David goes to Marseille, in the South of France, to run his screenwriting course during the Etangs d’Arts Film Festival.


    For the first time, David has partnered with his brother Antoni to develop a new television series for a Spanish TV channel.


    Italian director Sergio Cannella is becoming a new member of Recreate Productions, David’s film production company.


    David and Marcella Aguessy are working together on the development of the characters in “Violeta”, the new short film that David expects to direct at the end of the year.


    David is a member of the jury at the Cabestany Short Film Festival in Perpignan (France) that will take place this weekend.


    Marcela Aguessy, a Romanian actress settled in Paris, has offered David the possibility to adapt Lia Bugnar’s play “Bones for Otto” into a screenplay for a short film.


    The new year starts with many projects for David, mainly the production of his first feature film, the development of another script and the co-production of a short film with Italian director Sergio Cannella.


    The last award of the year comes from Spain. The Res Non Verba Short Film Festival has given the Best Short Film Award to Save the World. Two years ago Djamel’s Eyes, David’s previous short film, was awarded with a Special Mention.


    David has participated as member of the jury at the Film Festival del Garda and as president of the jury at the Cortiamo Film Festival both in Italy.


    Another award coming from Italy. Save the World won the Best Short Film Award at the Artemista Short Film Festival in Putigniano.


    Italian and French festivals award Save the World one more time. The C.V.A. Film Festival of les Pennes-Mirabeau in France gives it the Special Jury Award and the Filmlab Short Film Festival of Brescia in Italy the Best Foreign Short Film Award.


    Save the World won the award for Best Short Film at the Som Cinema Film Festival of Mollerussa (Spain). The very same weekend, another award came from the other side of the pond: Best Director at the Director’s Chair Film Festival of New York (U.S.A.).


    Save the World receives six awards in less than a fortnight. Best Short Film, Best Director and Best Script at the Corti Senza Limiti Film Festival in Frigento, Italy. The other three awards came from the International Film Festival of Bueu in Spain: Best Short Film, Best Director and Best Editing.


    The Ephizephiry Short Film Festival in Sant’Ilario dello Junio (Italy) has awarded Save the World with the Best Script Award. Another festival in Argentina, the Independent Film Festival Escobar de Película, has awarded the film with the Best International Short Film prize.


    Another “hat trick” for Save the World: Best Short Film, Best Director and “La Città della Utoppia” Award at the Festival Cinema Libero in Rome, Italy. Another festival in Italy, the Cortoacquario Film Festival in Santa Marinella, awards Djamel's Eyes with the Special Jury Mention.


    Two more awards, but this time for another short film: Djamel's Eyes. Both awards come from Italy: Best Short Film (section “The Sea”) at the Tropea Film Festival and Second Award at the Brescello Film Festival.


    Two more awards, but this time for another short film: Djamel's Eyes. Both awards come from Italy: Best Short Film (section “The Sea”) at the Tropea Film Festival and Second Award at the Brescello Film Festival.


    Save the World is almost at the end of the festival circuit. However, more awards keep coming. This time it was the European Sogni Award at the Corti da Sogni Antonio Ricci Film Festival in Ravenna, Italy, and the Best Script Award at the Alto Vicentino Film Festival in Santorso, Italy.


    More awards for Save the World coming from Italy: Best Short Film and Best Actor at the Corto Circuito Film Festival in Livorno and Third Award at the Kimera Film Festival in Termoli.


    First award for Save the World in Colombia: Honorific Mention at the Cine a la Calle Film Festival in Barranquilla. The Cuveglio Film Festival in Italy also awards the film with the Best Director Award.


    May starts with more awards for Save the World. Special Mention at the Festival Etangs d’Arts in Marseille, France, Best Short Film and Audience Award at the Fic-Cat Festival in Roda de Berà, Spain, and Best Foreign Short Film at the Corto in Stabia Film Festival in Castellammare, Italy.


    Second hat trick for Save the World in the film festival circuit. It was in Italy at the Solofra Film Festival: Audience Award, Best Script and Best Actor.


    The American continent also recognises Save the World with the Best Short Film Award at the Long Island University Film Festival of New York. Also in Europe there were two Festivals that awarded the short film: the Jury Award at the Orléans Video Festival in France and the New Visions Award at the 35mm Film Festival of Bitonto in Italy.


    One more time, Italy recognises Save the World with two more awards. The first one in Naples at the ‘O Curt Short Film Festival with the Students Award and the second one in Torino at the Corto in Volta Film Festival with the Best Short Film Award.


    For the first time Save the World gets three awards in just one festival. It was at the Cercola Film Festival in Naples, Italy: Best Photography, Best Editing and the Students Award.


    First two awards of the year for Save the World: Best Short Film at the International Festival of Digital Cinema Viña del Mar (Chile), and Special Audience Mention at the Festival Pontino del Cortometraggio (Italy).


    Five more awards for Save the World in just three weeks: Best Short Film at the Vila de Noia Short Film Festival (Spain), Special Jury Mention at the Film Festival del Garda (Italy), Special Jury Mention at the Short Film Festival Ca Revolta (Spain), Winner of the Young Directors Forum at the Méribel Advertising Festival (France), and Best Short Film at the Cortiamo Film Festival of Sicily (Italy).


    A hectic but intense weekend in Spain. David personally receives the award for Best Short Film at the Soria-Castilla y León Short Film Festival and also the Best Short Film at the Enkarzine Film Festival of Zalla, Bilbao.


    The first award David receives in South America doesn’t come alone: Best Short Film and Best Director at the Lucas Demare Film Festival of Olavarría, in Argentina.


    Two more festivals recognise David’s Save the World. In Italy the Yasujiro Ozu Film Festival gives him the Best Short Film Award and the 24fps Short Film Festival in Abilene, Texas (U.S.A.) gives the Silver Medal Award and the Best Screenplay Award.


    The Villammare Film Festival awards Save the World with the Best Short Film Award. It's the fourth award in less than two weeks.


    David flies to Noci in lovely Puglia (Italy) to assist to the Noci Cinema Film Festival. He receives two more awards: the Critics Award and the Best Foreign Short Film Award.


    Save the World gets the Audience Award at the Anonimul Film Festival. David was there to receive the award.


    The Festival Anonimul in Romania takes place from the 13th to the 18th August. David will assist the festival by the Black Sea during those dates.


    David and Antoni keep working on the pre-production of The Londoner, while British screenwriter Matthew Gunn helps David to polish some details of the script. In the meantime, Save the World is getting selected in different festivals in Europe, Australia and the US.


    The very same day that David’s daughter is born, his short film Save the World wins its first awards at the Festival El Sector of Madrid, Spain: Best Short Film and Best Photography.


    David’s second daughter Nailah is born. She weights 3.850 Kgs. Both mother and daughter are fine after a 20-hour labour.


    David and his brother/partner Antoni go to Cannes to promote Save the World and introduce Recreate Productions to industry professionals.


    Save the World premieres at the Short Film Corner in Cannes. The film finally has its first audience. The film website is also launched: www.savetheworldthefilm.com.


    David and his brother Antoni launch Recreate Productions (www.recreateproductions.com), a London-based film production company.


    First casting for The Londoner takes place in London.


    The final cut of Save the World is ready. The short film is sent to Cannes to premiere at the Short Film Corner during the Festival.


    David signs a non-exclusive agreement with the Con-Can Movie Festival to distribute Djamel's Eyes.


    The offline of Save the World  is over. We start with the music and sound design.


    Djamel's Eyes  is sold to Canal Extremadura in Spain.


    Djamel's Eyes  is broadcast on ITV in the United Kingdom.


    David finishes his latest script The Londoner.


    Djamel's Eyes is awarded with the Special Mention Award at the Res Non Verba Film Festival of Lleida, Spain.


    The voice over for Save The World  is recorded at Channel 4.


    First cut of Save The World. There is a lot of work to do...


    Graduation ceremony. David graduates at Birkbeck University of London. He has studied a BA in Film and Media.


    David flies to Los Angeles to assist to the Expo 5.


    After many production problems the shooting of Save The World ends.


    Stars the shooting of Save The World.


    David partners with Albert Ardiaca to build a website to promote his work.